No limits: Teamplace Re-thinks Cloud Storage from a Team Perspective

Berlin startup jumps into the cloud storage battle

The Berlin startup Teamplace launched a completely new cloud storage platform designed specifically for teams and groups. Teamplace has been created with teams fully in mind, is free and allows a shared workspace to be set up very quickly. 


Instantly get free storage? For as many people as you want? With an unlimited amount of storage space? This is exactly what the Berlin startup Teamplace is promising. The project was just launched, as confirmed by Teamplace CEO and co-founder Ole Raack: “We’ve finally eliminated the hurdles to using the cloud to share files, photos and videos.” 

The demand is significant, as a survey carried out recently by Teamplace made clear. What bothers the users of existing cloud storage providers is that sharing files and folders ends up reducing their amount of available storage, and in many cases the amount of storage offered simply isn’t enough. In addition, files end up remaining in the internet forever. This is exactly the problem that Teamplace solves. Because most private and professional users’ work is project-based, there is no limit to storage space or the numbers of users with Teamplace. The duration of a Teamplace however, is 30 days. 

Each user can create a Teamplace for each of their projects, without any impact on their own personal 10 GB of storage called Myplace. If a project isn’t finished within 30 days, then a user can simply extend the life of each individual Teamplaces for an affordable monthly price. If the Teamplace is no longer needed, it is fully deleted after 30 days and an appropriate alert. 

“With our approach, users could invite an entire travel group, school class, seminar participants or even an entire university to a Teamplace without any concerns as to cost or lack of storage” says Sebastian Hauser, Teamplace co-founder and CMO. “At the same time we ensure that the data that users exchange doesn't remain forever in the internet.” 

To enable productive group work, Teamplace also provides a handy comment feature and an activity stream, which shows the activities of all team members. Teamplace 

avoids data chaos by offering file versioning. All members can see which the latest version is, but previous versions can also be called up. All these features make Teamplace an interesting platform for project-related activities, for example day-to-day tasks in agencies. 

On board at Teamplace founded in January 2015 are in addition to Ole Raack and Sebastian Hauser also Carsten Mickeleit (CFO), Karsten Constantin (CIO) and Benjamin Schüler (CTO). The five founders already worked at a software company involved in enterprise mobility solutions. Here they saw the potential in the market, designed the first prototype and carried out beta tests. Finally in January of this year Teamplace was founded. 

In February 2015, Teamplace started a public beta. Since the end of June, Teamplace has gone live. Users can sign up at The use of a Teamplace is free for 30 days. The Teamplace can be easily extended for just $6 per month with the fair pay-per-Teamplace and not per-user approach. 


Teamplace is available for iPhones and iPads for free in the App Store:

An Android version is available in the Google Play store, also for free:

The Teamplace web app, available for any web browser, is available at:

Press images, including management photos and screenshots can be found at:  

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