Teamplace Achieves Major Milestone: Over 5,000 Teams Successfully Working Together in the Cloud

Teamplace, the cloud storage option for teams, has made perfect collaboration among teams its primary goal. Following on from a range of innovations already achieved, the startup has reached an impressive milestone that shows the founders that their simple approach solves an acute problem.

A little over a year after entering the hotly contested cloud storage market, Berlin-based Teamplace shows that even in mature sectors, there is plenty of room for new ideas. Teamplace’s approach has already helped over 5,000 teams complete their projects successfully. Teamplace offers free and unlimited cloud storage for exchanging within teams – and for a full 90 days for each project. If use is not extended after this period, Teamplace ensures that data will no longer be kept online. Teams who use Teamplace for projects that are less than 90 days can permanently use Teamplace free of charge. In addition to the low-cost extension options, users can save their documents at any time and open a new Teamplace. Worrying about disk space now belongs to the past thanks to Teamplace.

“Following user feedback we know that Teamplace is now used in so many different ways, something we could never have dreamed of,” said Ole Raack, Teamplace CEO. “No matter whether video analysis of games by sports clubs, cooperation among pupils in tablet classes, lawyers, advertising and digital agencies or just classic sharing of vacation pictures by people who place a higher value on privacy – all of these use cases are meet by our solution.”

Teamplace has made a number of major technological advancements, especially in 2016 that is fueling this growth. “In addition to adding further languages and expanding support for other operating systems, like the recently announced Teamplace apps for Windows 10 and Amazon, moving fully to hosting in Germany has given both existing and new users confidence when it comes to data protection,” continued Ole Raack. Major steps towards the goal of removing every barrier to exchanging among teams have been achieved and Teamplace are thrilled to welcome over 5000 teams.

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