Teamplace Allows WhatsApp & Facebook Groups to Share Images & Video in HD Quality

Instead of just compressed images, instant messenger groups now access an unlimited cloud where they securely share their images and videos in HD quality, with no loss of quality.

Teamplace, the Berlin startup known for its team-based online storage, improves file sharing in WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Instead of just compressed images, instant messenger groups now access an unlimited cloud where they securely share their images and videos in HD quality, with no loss of quality. 


 The Berlin startup Teamplace entered the cloud storage market in 2015 with unlimited cloud storage for secure file sharing among teams and features making team work far easier. Now the company addresses a common problem when sharing files via WhatsApp and Facebook – the significant loss of quality when sharing photos and videos. 

“Smartphones and tablets are the most popular media to record and share images and videos”, said Ole Raack, CEO at Teamplace. “If I share an image or video via WhatsApp for example, the quality is less than the original due to compression. This is annoying – you video something in HD, only to share it in terrible quality. With Teamplace we solve this problem.” 

Teamplace now allows its users to invite entire instant messenger groups to free group storage in the cloud. Just as with a WhatsApp or Facebook group, all members upload their images and videos and can leave comments. Images however will not be compressed, and are available in their original quality. 

The advantages of using group cloud storage when compared to sharing via instant messengers are clear: 

  • Images and videos keep their original format and don’t lose any quality through compression as with WhatsApp or Facebook. 
  • Data volume is not overused as images are optimally displayed on mobile devices. 
  • Videos and images can be uploaded without any size limit thanks to Teamplace’s unlimited storage. 

  • Anyone who is a member of the group can upload content. 

  • Transmission of images and videos is secure. 

  • Teamplace allows all participants to access all images and videos in a central location after a project meeting, a team event or a vacation among friends for example. 

  • Teamplace ensures that all rights to images/videos remain with the user. 

  •  When files are no longer required, they will be fully deleted. 



Teamplace is available for iPhones and iPads for free in the App Store:

An Android version is available in the Google Play store, also for free:

The Teamplace web app, available for any web browser, is available at:

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