Teamplace: The World’s First Online Storage for 360° Images and Videos

The free online storage allows you to store, share, and view 360° images without any conversion or compression of files

Teamplace, the cloud storage provider for teams, now supports 360° photos and videos. Users can easily upload their footage to their online storage, share it with others, and view it directly with the Teamplace apps in 360° or with VR glasses. And all in the original format, without any conversion or compression.

360° images offer consumers a completely new and almost real experience with complete panoramic views. But so far it was difficult to share these recordings with others. Only closed platforms of the individual camera manufacturers as well as YouTube or Facebook were available for uploading. And even viewing the photos and videos has been difficult, as there are few easy-to-use 360 ° viewers for smartphone and desktop users.

Help is at hand with Teamplace, the cloud storage provider for teams. The Berlin startup now offers the world’s first cloud storage, which supports 360° content.

The app is simple: Users create a free project folder, called a Teamplace, and can upload their 360° images there without the need to convert the files of a 360 ° camera. Afterwards friends and family can be invited by e-mail or sent a link to view and upload their own files. The photos and videos can then be either viewed directly on a desktop or with mobile devices right in Teamplace. Even with VR glasses, the 360 ° images can be viewed with Teamplace. All current Teamplace apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon can play 360° content.

Teamplace with its free offer of unlimited storage is ideal for data-heavy 360° images. For example, photos taken with the Ricoh Theta S quickly reach a file size of 4 MB, shots from the Nikon Keymission even reach a huge 12 MB per photo. If an image is already in a Teamplace, it can be transferred to another Teamplace within seconds, without further transfer of data.

“We are creating a unified and easy-to-use platform for anyone who wants to create 360 ° and virtual reality content and share it with others,” said Ole Raack, CEO of Teamplace. “Users do not have to deal with different viewers and can store their original recordings without conversion and without loss of quality and, if desired, make them available to others, either privately or publicly.”

Teamplace intensively tested support of the Ricoh Theta S, LG 360 CAM, Samsung Gear 360, Panono and Nikon Keymission camera models. Many other manufacturers are also supported and new cameras are being constantly integrated. Users should simply try it out. In the event that a camera model is not (yet) supported, Teamplace promises to improve its range of supported devices.

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